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This is our best contact number for eBay Customer Services. We will connect you to the customer service number at eBay where they will be able to answer your queries relating to your eBay Account, eBay Auctions, eBay Seller Fees, Disputes and Resolutions etc

Calls cost 5 pence per minute from BT Landlines. Calls from mobiles and other networks can be higher. Please contact your network operator for more information. Number Connect provide this customer service phone number completely independently and are in no way connected to eBay.

Who are eBay?

eBay UK is part of the eBay Inc group of companies. They provide an online auction website which is one of many eBay website in over 30 countries worldwide. Employing over 16,000 people and with over 280 million users worldwide, eBay is the worlds largest auction website.

eBay was founded in 1995 (1999 in the UK) and were one of the early pioneers of internet based business. Without the internet, eBay simply couldn't exist. eBay's rise was meteoric and by 2010, eBay was recognised as the number one ecommerce site on the planet. Their growth was supplemented by the acquisition of a variety of related businesses including shopping.com, Gumtree and PayPal, but their core business is still their original eBay Marketplace accounting for around 60% of all their revenue.

How do I contact eBay?

Call eBay Customer Service on 0843 506 9504. We have provided this eBay Customer Service Number to allow you to quickly and easily speak to the Customer Services Team at eBay in the UK. The eBay phone number that we have provided is specific to eBay customer support in the UK and Ireland. You can also use eBay's online contact form (eBay Customer Support).

What does it cost to call eBay?

All our calls are charged at 5 pence per minute from BT Landlines. Calls from mobiles and other networks can be higher

5 interesting facts about eBay

Information correct as at January 2014

  • Pierre Omidyar, the original founder and current Chairman of eBay has a net worth of around $8.5 billion (updated 2014)

  • eBay process around 5 million transaction per day in the UK and over 1 billion daily transaction worldwide

  • eBay's original name was AuctionWeb. The founder then wanted to call the company EchoBay (because it sounded cool). That domain name had already been snapped up, so he settled on eBay!

  • The first item sold on eBay UK was a CD single by the Skorpions.

  • eBay is one of the few brand names that are now regularly used as a verb. "To eBay" something is "To sell it online". Other companies that have achieved this are Sky (Sky Plus-ing) and Google (Googling)

How To Get a Bargain on eBay.

There are a few tricks you can use the try and find a eBay bargain. If you are looking to pay the cheapest price, you must first hunt down items that other people may not find. The fewer people that are bidding on an item, the lower the auction price will end. Forget eBay's buy it now option. These are rarely (if ever) value for money.

So how do you find these items?

We'll, my first tip is to stay away from the popular categories. Electronics, phones, game consoles etc... But also toys, games and collectibles. Whilst you may find bargains here, it is often more difficult.

Find the unfindable. It is best to search for misspellings and poorly described items. You have more chance of buying a Palystation 3 for under £50 than a Playstation 3! Watch out though... eBay will autocorrect some misspellings for you so be sure the results are for exactly what you searched for.

Buying items on eBay can be rewarding and worthwhile if you take the time and trouble to research properly. Don't be tempted to panic bid on items that are just about to end. You don't always get what you pay for on eBay.

If you have questions relating to eBay or eBay services, call the best contact number for eBay on 0843 506 9504. Our eBay contact number is charged at a flat rate of 5 pence per minute.

eBay Opening Times

Our Best Contact Number for eBay is available at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday- 0800 to 2200

  • Saturday - 0800 to 2000

  • Sunday - 0800 to 2000

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